Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kat in the Kitchen - Or, Failure.

So the other night my friends picked me up from work and we went to see the midnight movie of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

I recommend it. If you are like me and enjoy the Victorian era and slow-motion explosions and, you know, Robert Downey Jr, then this movie is well worth your twelve dollars. (Man, remember when movie tickets were like 7 dollars? Those were the days.)

Also last week my pal Kelsey made these amazing cup pies. They are so freaking good. You should check them out.

I am currently trying to make a frappuccino a la this recipe, but it's all foamy and I don't think I like it. Maybe it's because I used fat-free milk? Or didn't put in the xanthan gum? Maybe the coffee isn't strong enough. This is why Kelsey has the cooking blog - I can't even make a dang mixed drink right! I guess I'll stick to being behind the camera!

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  1. The cup pies look great! Have you tried cooking cake batter in ice cream cones? I saw it in Real Simple and it looked kinda awesome, You can top the "cone" with whatever!