(photo credit goes to Kelsey)
My name is Kat, I am originally from Seattle, WA, but now I live in the Bay Area, CA. I like to draw, paint, and craft. I love the ocean and everything in and on it. Most of what I paint has to do with it: usually ships, sailors, and creatures of the deep.

I like to take photos, and I mainly use my trusty ol' Canon Rebel XS DSLR for everything. It's my first DSLR and I'm still learning the ropes, but since I purchased it a few years ago it has gotten TONS of use, including climbing over castles in Ireland and walking the streets of Paris. Not to mention tons of trips to the beach.

The main purpose for this blog is to give myself a place to talk about my current arty projects, as well as share what is inspiring me at the moment. I also like to discuss my adventures around the bay area as well as the world. Lately I'm really into crafting, and making tutorials for just about everything under the sun.