Saturday, October 23, 2010

Like Silent Raindrops Fell

I was commissioned to do a painting earlier this month. We are calling it 'the virgin mary of Gatolupe'. She's surrounded by kittens and roses. I haven't yet taken a photo of the finished product, but the client was pleased indeed, hahaha. Goofy paintings are really fun.

The weather has been awesome lately. Sortof foggy, sortof stormy - I woke up at 4:30 last night to rain hitting the windows; ahh, one of my favorite sounds! We were hanging out at Bean Hollow on Highway 1 last weekend enjoying the stormy weather and paying our respects to the beached blue whale there.

Right now I'm jamming to Simon & Garfunkel, wearing some argyle legwarmers, sippin on cold coffee and trying to get my printer to work so I can offer some rad prints in the shop again! Because I want to buy some groceries! Hahaha. Also I just finished a bunch of awesome watercolors which I shall be premiering soon, keep your eyeballs peeled!

Also, who's STOKED for Halloween?! We're having a Haunted Hospital themed house party, and I am already soooo proud of the decorations we've done. I will definitely share pictures once we have the whole house set up, if anyone wants to see! :] I'm going to be something like a Victorian-era nurse. What's everyone else going to be for Halloween?

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