Thursday, October 28, 2010

Myah, See?

Hello everyone. I've been immersed in the land of Halloween decorating this past week - so far our house is starting to come together as the Haunted Hospital! But until that's all finished and I can take photos, here's what else I've been up to.

I finished the Gatolupe painting. Complete with the receiver's cats and her friend's cats, and one cute kitten. This painting was so much fun. I want to do more, hahaha!

It is a well-known fact in our house that we are complete and utter Scrabble nerds. So when we sat down for a game a day or two ago, and Rhonda busted out 'tuition' on her first turn, we were all astonished. Our first BINGO. So exciting! And 50 bonus points! Someday I hope to be cool enough to get a bingo myself. Ahh, dreams.

Then yesterday was our roomie Mat's birthday, and we decided there was no better way to celebrate than with a barbecued chicken dinner and a spontaneous Gangster dress-up party and a ridiculous photoshoot. I'm the one on the far left making the goofy face, as I am wont to do. We're very strange, I will admit it.

Saturday is the Halloween party, I'm so excited~. Hope everyone is going to have an awesome Halloween, and be safe! Til then, kids! xoxo.

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  1. wtf you guys are the COOLEST PEOPLE.

    and haaha gatolupe