Monday, September 19, 2011

Real Life

Ack, September is over half gone already! Boy the time does fly, especially when you are keeping busy busy busy like I am!

Last Saturday I attended the opening reception for my very first official art show - that was pretty awesome! Everyone's work was amazing, it was so cool to be part of such a great show. I wish I had taken pictures, but I was worried about bringing my big bulky camera around that many people. Next time! (If there is one - and I hope there is :))

Speaking of my big bulky camera, my very awesome friend Kelsey started a food blog, and asked for me to help her take photos to document the delicious process that was bacon beignets. Oh my goodness, the photos cannot even begin to do them justice. If you are cooking-inclined (and even if you are not) you should head over to Trial and Error and make some yourself!

Other bits of news: we've been filming lots of fun stuff - this one came about when we decided that certain songs from the 90s probably had the power to kill someone, The Ring-style. The ultimate irony is, I think, the fact that this was born out of our mutual hate for this certain song, and now none of us can get it out of our heads.

I just finished editing a new skit that'll be up soon, and I'm working on soooo many party decorations for our upcoming nautical party. Also it's really hot here suddenly, which automatically means kiddypool time in the backyard. Hope everyone's doing well!

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