Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Secrets Revealed

So this is the 'secret' project I've been working on this month - a couple of posters for a local Seattle band! These are just the roughs. Done in ink, ink, and more ink. I haven't worked with actual ink washes in so long that this was really fun to do! Plus I love it when someone requests a drawing that has "skulls, crows, steampunkery, and gears." Talk about an awesome assignment.

Also, there's now an 8x10 print of Fatal Attraction in the shop! I'll probably start offering the cards again soon, but I've run out of envelopes! Whoops!

It's stormy today, and I just finished doing some yoga so now I'm sippin on coffee and planning out future projects. Gotta start using all the new canvas I bought at Blick!

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