Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New New New Things!

Welcome to the new-and-improved Weigh Anchor! I made a brand new layout, isn't it swell? I even made the background - I've never made a tiled background before. It's not the best, but hey! Learning experiences! I'm digging it. There's also a new etsy button on the left-side information bar.

Also on the new-radar, I present to you:

Brand new things at the etsy! (Whew, a million links to the etsy shop so far in this post) I'm really proud of these little guys; they're all about 3 x 3 inches small, and they were so so so much fun to paint! The Mick one has iridescent paint that glitters fancilly (I have coined that! It's mine!), the sloth just looks so happy, the little whales and owls...goodness, I just love them! I hope everyone else loves them too!

Tomorrow my friend and I are going to have a photoshoot in either the cemetery, an abandoned fort, or the woods. Me behind the camera and her as the model. It's gonna be a blast! I love getting out and getting stuff done!

It feels so good to have the etsy back up and running. It's been so long. I hope I get some business, as I am currently taking a break from the employment sphere, hahaha. Anyway, please check it out and now, that's all for me, lovely people! Happy Tuesday! xoxo!

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