Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Things

Hey kids!
I've been in Seattle for the last week and a half going to my cousin's wedding and being sick out of my mind (they thought it was strep, mono, many things, then it turned out to just be some nasty tonsilitis) but now I'm back in San Fran!

I spent all day today painting - i got 5 paintings done, woo! But since I don't have pictures of them yet, here's a few more Ireland photos to tide you all over til I have an art post!

The Giant's Causeway and just a shot from the road - hoo man, I'm still stoked on that trip. I might have to do a bunch of drawings and paintings inspired by it. Anyhow, peace out for now!


  1. I've always wanted to go to Ireland but all my friends say it's not as pretty as I think. I do believe your photos of it prove them wrong.

  2. I went to Ireland... the Dingle Pennisula and surrounding areas a week before I turned 13... now at the age of 20, I'm still inspired by the music, landscape and culture in my art, writings and acting... Ireland is so amazing!