Wednesday, September 1, 2010



Can you believe it? I'm posting here! That last hiatus (how many months long?) was completely unintentional, I assure you. My life has been CRAZY lately, so many things to do, leaving my job, traveling the world with my family... Did I say traveling the world? Yes, that's right! Want to see where I went? Well.

Rock of Cashel
Kilmainham Gaol - Dublin

Oh, nothing special, just IRELAND and SCOTLAND and ENGLAND. Can I just say right now that it was freaking amazing?! I took over 5000 photos - I haven't even finished editing the London ones yet. We saw so many things and had such a great time and drank so much Guinness! I miss it already.

We went to the Dingle Peninsula on our last few days in Ireland, where our Irish ancestors (my great-grandfather's family) were from, and even saw the land where the old farm was - oh my gosh. Nothing but rolling green hills and huge calm beaches - I could have moved there in an instant! It was gorgeous! Of course it rained the whole time we were there, but come on, we're from Seattle. I loved it!

Now I'm back in San Francisco and I've been painting up a storm, so everyone prepare yourselves - hopefully my art is going to be back in full swing asap. I'm so excited to be back! If you're reading this, thanks for awaiting my return, or just checking out my blog in the first place! xoxo!

PS. if you want to see some more photos (I havent even finished uploading the Ireland ones, good gracious, there are so many...) of my european jaunt, feel free to scope out my flickr!

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