Friday, July 3, 2009

Ready to Sail

So here's a quilt I finished a few weeks ago, since I have nothing more to share with y'all. It's made entirely from materials found at Goodwill - the top is a patchwork that I cut out of single sheets and pillowcases, and the backing is a huge piece of tan fabric I found that is a little bit itchy, but a lot bit awesome. I am quite fond of it, and the top, because the sheets have been washed many times already, is soooo soft. It is wondrous.

I have a lot of new arty projects planned but haven't gotten up to do them yet. They include a painting of some whales and icebergs, seaglass jewelry, possibly more shrinkidinks, cutouts, and more paintings. Also I am working on crocheting a zigzag pillowcase cover that is pretty darn cute.

One of the reasons I haven't been getting anything done lately is that I am moving to San Francisco on August 1, and my mother and sister are moving to an apartment around the 25th of this month, so we've got a LOT of packing and organizing and not so fun stuff to do! I am really excited to move back to California though, I can't wait!

The other big reason I haven't been able to art the way I usually do is because I am almost done with reading Wuthering Heights. It was a little slow for me to get into it, but now that all the drama is in full-force, I can't tear myself away from it! I'm pretty sure I'll be finishing it sometime this week, maybe even by Sunday. Then I have Jane Eyre to re-read, and I just bought two ginormous books of Victorian-era poetry from Goodwill. Oops! At least my mind is getting a workout, I just have to force myself back to arting!

More updates soon, I hope - the etsy has been very very quiet as of late, so if anyone has any urge for some cool prints or jewelry, they should stop on by. Wink wink nudge nudge, say no more.

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