Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Precious Captive Swan

I watercolored a quick painting of my barn owl girl the other day, when Leigh and I went on a picnic to the beach near my house. Barn owl girl always looks sad; I think she is being forced to marry a foppish peacock gentleman while, in fact, her heart belongs to another. Maybe.

Less than a week between blog posts! Are you all proud of me? There's been a lot going on in my life, too. We found a house in San Francisco, I hear, so I'll be moving down there in August! (Hopefully I will find a job before my money runs out, har har.) I'm excited anyway, I love San Francisco and the people I'm moving in with. Hooray~

I think tomorrow I will take the bus out to the beach again. I've become a total beachcombing addict. Not that I haven't been all my life. When I was a kid I had a huge shell collection - stupid me decided to throw it out when we moved. Idiot! Here's the haul I got from my birthday last week, when I scoured the beach with my mom:

We even found two tiny pieces of blue and one tiny one of pink! I also found some pottery shards, which always excite me. I think it's the history geek in me. Anyway, I better figure out what to do with this stuff before I run out of more room - What do you all think? What do you do with seaglass and shells? I'm thinking I might make some jewelry...

Well, until the next time we meet, thanks for reading and have an awesome day!


  1. my great grandma used to collect colored glass and melt them in a kiln so they looked like little river stone, then she would decorate things with them. I remember a birdbath. It's hard to find colored glass like that these days.

  2. uhuuuu! That background looks creeptastic. I can't wait to have craft days with you holycrap.