Thursday, January 29, 2009

Drifting to Sleep

It's done! I just finished my first embroidery project.

I asked my mom for an old pillowcase because I wanted to teach myself how to embroider. I'm sure she thought I was insane, because the last thing I need is to learn another craft, but I was determined!! Once I got the pillowcase, though, I faced a conundrum - (is that how you spell it?) what to embroider?

This uncertainty only lasted a few seconds, though, as I was already looking at pictures of scrimshaw on google images, and hey, who can't use a ship pillowcase? So bam. I sketched a design onto the pillowcase with mechanical pencil, and three days later, I had a ship! Or two.

I used the...backstitch? I've forgotten already. But I used up all of my thread. Floss? I don't know the proper terminology. I only had two loopies. Skeins? No...I dont know. Hahaha. But it was worth it, I think!

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