Thursday, August 25, 2011

100, Paris, Pt. 1.

Hey, this is my 100th post! Amazing! In celebration, and since I have nothing better to say, how about a few photos from my trip to Paris in July? And while I did take over 5,000 photos (good gracious, did I ever look up from my camera??) you needn't fear, I've narrowed it down to only 701 of them that I like, and I'll only show a few of those. So, without further ado: Paris 2011, Part One.

Next time: a trip to Chartres!


  1. very nice pictures..thanks for sharing, and congrats for your
    100th post!..
    what's with the locks?.. some sort of a "wishing" place?..
    I liked the flying machine :) ..


  2. So gorgeous! I want to live in your pictures :P