Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday...

I should just rename this blog 'photos of Roman being cute on my bed, oh and also some paintings once in a while.' But that's a pretty long blog title.

Did a quick little watercolor sketch last Tuesday because I was feeling really uninspired and just wanted to get SOMETHING down on paper. Ever have those days? I had my pallette all nice and laid out, my brushes and water and paper ready to go, and no ideas what to do with it. I tried working on this other painting, but I might just give up on it.

I was actually looking at this image when I was painting it - so it's very VERY loosely based on it. I also had the sky this ugly yellow, then an ugly blue, then I just gave up and Payne's Grey-ed it up. Mostly I wanted to practice painting the sea - waves are really hard (for me at least).

Apparently my camera memory card erased itself - anyone know if I can recover anything once that happens? I think it had all my U.K. photos on there, but I think I also saved them somewhere in the bowels of my computer, so I should be alright.

Speaking of cameras, I'm about to buy a new lens for myself with my etsy proceeds! I've never bought a new lens, I'm so excited! It goes to f1.8, heck yesssss, since my lame kit lens only goes to f4. stoked.

Oh yeah, there's also a teeny sale at the shop so check it out if you want a teeny painting or two! I want to start doing notecards again soon, too... Any other ideas?

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  1. Hey! I haven't checked your blog in a while (since this is an April post).
    Is the watercolor ship painting available to buy? I love it!