Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super Secret Project #1 - REVEALED.

That's right - now is the time to reveal one of the Super Secret Projects I've been working on lately - Marlinespike Design! My friend and I started a jewelry design etsy to sell new things we're working on! They're all made from black acrylic for now, lasercut to perfection and looking nice and shiny! So far we only have 8 online, but rest assured, we have a LOT more designs up-and-coming. Including a series of Sherlock Holmes-inspired necklaces.

Oh, so exciting! Go on and check them out! There's also some rad squid and whale designs!

I'm still working on another Super Secret Project, and I've been working on new tiny paintings! I've done so many that I've run out of tiny canvases. I'll have to go buy more!

Hope everyone had a spectacular weekend, and a great Valentine's Day tomorrow!

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