Sunday, January 23, 2011

3 2 1 And I'm Having Fun

I just finished this painting recently, and I sortof love it. The girl drifting in the water, barely seen, and the likewise barely-visible constellation of Cetus in the night sky are by far my favorite parts. Yeah sailors!

Watercolors can be so frustrating because I can never get them as dark as I want them, even after hours and hours and layers and layers. I guess the only way to work around that is to practice more, or just come to terms with the fact that they will just never be dark enough!

We had a huge party at the house last night, and it was pretty darn successful and a ton of fun, and today we went and got PHO, which is my most favorite of favorite foods. It's good on a hot day like today, on a rainy cold day in Seattle, on a foggy day in San Fran, or hey, any time!

Keeping busy. Working on things. That's my life. Hope everyone's swell!

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