Monday, April 5, 2010

100% Precipitation Looks Pretty Nice

Yeah, the weather channel said it was definitely going to rain today, but it looked alright, so we chanced a trip to the beach anyway. I'm glad we did! It was amazing. Perfect beach day. There were a ton of sanddollars on the beach, fields of them.

There's way way more images at the flickr, of course. So then we got home and chilled out for a while, and then DUNDUNDUN. I busted out the acrylic paints! YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT, I DID A PAINTING. Can you believe it!?

The colors are closer to the ones in the second image. Anyway, it's Max from Where the Wild Things Are, obviously. I got the idea for the image at work while I was zoning out at the back register. Now if only I can keep being productive!

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