Monday, September 21, 2009

Ships and Sailors

Hey kids! I've not been up to a lot lately (but I plan on changing that asap), but here's one of my almost-finished works. I still have to edit it because the background is slightly not white and that really bugs me. I like her, though!

How is everyone? The weather is beautiful here in San Francisco - it's been nice and clear and hot during the day and then it gets foggy and cold in the evening, just like I like it! (Everytime the fog rolls in I think 'It's Black Pearl weather!' Hahaha, I am such a dork).

Hopefully I'll have a shop update soon, but I dunno. Any suggestions? What would anyone like me to put up? What would you like to buy?

I was thinking of doing calendars for Christmas presents. That means I should probably start drawing some pictures for them! Yikes!

I leave you with Mick. Looking pensive and content in the snow. Even though he's probably freezing to death. Poor Mick.

OH YES: That SALE is only until TOMORROW, so if you want em, go get them!!


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