Friday, September 11, 2009

Before the Mast

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a long time. Our internet is still reaaaally dumb. I have to call comcast and complain - it makes it way too hard for me to update my blog, since it is sooooo slow. The only reason I can update right now is because I am in Seattle for my Mom's birthday.

Anyway, I guess I should just show you kids what I've been working on lately. How does that sound? Here goes:

Here's the bigger views of the images that are on the cards:

Thanks for looking, have a good day!


  1. I LOVE them. What is your etsy name again? I can't find the link. I would love a painting of the last card- the green with the lady! (hint hint! Make one and put it on etsy!)

  2. mary - the etsy link is on the side bar of my profile; the name is weighanchor! if you are interested, just send me a convo on etsy and i'll hook you up! :]

  3. also thank you for the compliment! :]

  4. wow!! these are so beautiful!!.. nice job...

  5. I love all of them! I want to have art time with you like woah. You inspire meeee.