Friday, April 10, 2009

Wind my Heart

I've been doing some silhouette cutouts today and yesterday. Hurray! I love them, they are fast and fun and who doesn't like cutting things with exacto knives? It was always my favorite part of my Graphic Design classes. That, and peeling off the excess rubber cement with those fancy square erasers. Hahaha, I am so easily entertained.

Of course there had to be a Mick one. I accidentally forgot that you have to make bridges when you are cutting things, or else whole chunks will come away because they are no longer connected. DUH, Kat, you are so smart!

Now I think I will do some masking fluid watercolor portraits, because I find them very entertaining and quick to do, and I really enjoy the way they turn out. Maybe I'll make a tutorial or something? Though I'm not sure anyone would be interested.

Yet again a post with pretty much no content, I'm sorry. Next time, I promise, I will have something to talk about! Maybe.


  1. A tutorial would be great! I saw the pics of the finished watercolors on Craftster and would love to see a tut here or there!

  2. Shyster (...on Craftster)April 11, 2009 at 7:02 AM

    Yes, we would be interested!

    (I actually made my way to your blog via Craftster, where I just requested such a tutorial! Those watercolors are just brilliant....)

  3. Yeah, a tutorial would be cool! :)

  4. Stop being so incredibly awesome, you're making me look horrible.

  5. As you like silhouettes and your styles are similar, tell me, have you seen the Adventures of Jasper Morello>