Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Neglected Blog

I haven't posted in forever because I have been working full time. And it SUCKS! I am probably one of the least motivated workers in the whole world. At least I have a job and am making (some) money, right? Could be a lot worse, especially in this economy.

Anyway. I had a day off today and I "locked" myself in my studio (except it doesn't have a door) thinking, 'Okay. This is the day I will get a ton of painting done.' But I didn't get anything done at all! I did paint a picture frame and frame my Moby Dick poster (which looks awesome, btw) but I started painting three paintings and just...gave up. Why, Kat. Why!?

Maybe this weekend I'll be able to force myself into painting. Or get inspired to do it, that would be even better. I had a dream I went to the beach with my mom last night, and they were having this huge furniture sale, but everything was free? It was all thrifted stuff too, I was in heaven! I remember there was this pair of lamps that were carved wood in the shape of birthday candles? Or maybe candles on those little old-fashioned candle holders. And I really wanted to get them and paint them white! My mom thought they were really ugly, hahaha. I wish that would happen in real life!

I love this song. And the video. The Regency era had the best clothes, good gracious. Plus Matthew Barber has an awesome voice, come on. A win-win combo.

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