Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In Which My Stomach Makes Funny Noises

I actually sold five things at my etsy today. Whew! What a day! That's the kind of encouragement I need! Now I feel like I could take on the world, hahaha.

I forgot to post this picture back when I finished it; remember that cut-paper Mick I was doing? Maybe? I blogged it here. Anyway, I finished him the next day, I think. Here's what it ended up looking like that day:

I say "that day" because shortly after I took a few pictures, I took the background apart because I was unhappy with it. Now he is taped to my wall in the rigging that leads no where. I'm sorry, Mick. Someday I'll put you in a better background.

I think my post was going to have a point besides that, but now I can't remember what it was. Oh yes. I drew some more today! So yes, three more paintings will be coming up either tomorrow or the next day; two mermaids (one with Mick), and an Easter themed one, possibly to be made into a notecard. Who knows.

Oh, and Scotskipper. In response to your comment on my last entry: I never really thought about that. I suppose the poor ship always seems to meet an untimely end in the paintings I've done. Believe it or not, I have lots of sketches and unfinished works sitting in my portfolio with the ship all in one piece and functioning well. I'll have to actually finish them to prove it, I suppose!


  1. Your art is fantastic; if shipping and the exchange rate weren't conspiring against me I'd totally buy out your store :D

  2. Hey,
    I was just wondering, do you paint your lovely sailor on normal paper or do you use a special one? Do you just scan it to do your shop prints?
    I think you should also sell some bags and tshirts :)