Friday, February 20, 2009

I Love His Little Hands

I started a little cut paper Mick, and I realized as soon as I finished his body that he was too big for his frame! Now I will just have to make my own frame. Or go frame shopping, moohahaha.

Yes, I did cut myself, hence the band-aid. It's not that bad. But stupid me slipped and, because it is a brand new exacto blade (thank you, dickblick!) when it poked me it started bleeding profusely. :[

I sold a print at my etsy this morning! My first sale! It is so exciting. Thank you, buyer!! <3 I was going to post a new item tonight but I forgot to take photographs of the print in the daylight, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow, booo. I hope people continue to buy stuff :D

I also have a ton of watercolors sitting in my book waiting to be painted. Oh life. So much art and not enough time to do it in.


  1. We need to have paper cutting time!

  2. I totally agree!!.. there is never enough time for crafting!!..I wish you better luck with the blade next time.. :)