Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm Gonna Call This Home

My post titles have little to nothing to do with my posts. Hahaha. Usually they are from a song I am listening to at the moment. This one is The World You Love by Jimmy Eat World. I am a big fan.

In other news, I have two blog followers! Thanks kids! If I could send you cookies I would! Heck, if I could MAKE cookies I would. I am not a baker. No sir.

I seem to be in a random mood tonight. Today I spent way too much money, but come on. Dickblick was having an even bigger than usual sale, and so I felt like I just had to. I think I wound up saving about two hundred dollars on my final amount. Of course I ended up spending quite a bit, too. What did I buy? Well, besides a lightbox (!!!! so excited !!!), I bought more paper than I'll ever need, another canvas, more paints that I acutally DID need, some gesso (SO CHEAP. $5 for a quart? The 8 0z. cans at the art store here were at least $8! What a deal!) and more wooden plaques for something that I have become addicted to. These:

I did both of these today! They are so much fun! Painting on wood is a blast! Plus I loved doing the scalloped edges with a brush-tip marker. I probably shouldn't have scanned them with a black paper background because you lose the whole border effect, but you can somewhat see it in the Mick one. But yes, I just bought about 12 more of these so that I can go bananas and do billions more. So much fun.

My friends are coming from San Francisco tomorrow! They are driving up and will probably be in Seattle at about 6 AM, and I am so excited. We are going to have some crazy fun times.

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