Monday, February 16, 2009

And Here in Spain I am a Spaniard

My friends left last night after staying with me for a few days. They drove all the way up from San Francisco, and I miss them already! Boohoo! We had a good time, I showed them all around Seattle, and we went to Tacoma to visit some of their friends and had a good night of partying. In all, a good break!

But now I must get back to work trying to get some prints done for the possibility of opening an etsy. Too bad I have no idea how to get prints made. Not to mention I'll have to rescan everything, ughh. What a pain. Oh well, if I can actually sell some art I will feel better about it all! :]


  1. Hi there,
    I just go here via jrnl and I simply love your painting, so creative and beautiful! I'm definately gonna watch this...
    What colours do you use for your paintings? Or do you use felt pens?

  2. Ahoy,
    I love your blog, and your paintings are so beautiful and dream-like!!..keep up the good work..

  3. Hi kids, thanks for your comments! Jessica, I use mostly Reeves watercolor paints and occasionally acrylic paints for my paintings :]

    and Littlecloud, thanks so much!