Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello, June

Sometimes, in life, you sortof take a nearly-month-long hiatus. Sometimes, when your name is Kat Martin, you do it quite frequently and without meaning to.

My life's been crazy lately! I've got a (sortof) new job doing custom framing, I've been spending most of my free time with friends and helping to plan a friend's wedding, helping to organize a trip to Las Vegas, throwing a Freak Show party, dancing, eating junk food, reading a ton of books, and generally not doing anything I need to, but everything I want to at the moment. Even though it seems like I'm working a lot more, I feel like I'm having a blast!

So up there is a photo of one of the only art-related things I've done besides doodling in the sketchbook lately, and even then, I did it a while ago. It's a seadragon turning into a tree, or something. Not finished, obviously. Just pen practice. I hope to get back into the art groove very soon. Also my coworker wants me to draw a comic for his booth at a convention, so I'm trying to think of a good way to do a Mick the Sailor comic!

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