Friday, February 17, 2012

In Progress

Here's what I'm currently working on. I'm going for extreme detail with the inking which is really rare and really hard for me, so it's taking me a million years to do. (Really, more like more than 4 hours. I'm not very patient.) Plus I'm using a dip-pen and FW Ink, which means it takes even longer, as I have to wait for it to dry so that I don't smear it everywhere (which I've already done a few times.) And yes, I tape my watercolor paper to random things like other canvases I have lying around.

My roommate and I painted our nails and made "frappuccino"s today and they were amazing. We even made some with cocoa powder, cinnamon and creme de cacao, mm mm boy. We sortof used this recipe as a guideline, but mostly made it up ourselves. So good!


  1. guh Kat I want this as a tattoo, you don't even know

  2. Leigh that might be the coolest comment I've ever gotten :)! Thanks!!!!! PS I miss your face!