Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Return

If anyone is still reading this blog, hello! I have not posted in months, but I think I can officially say that my temporary hiatus is over!

I've been gone for so long for several reasons. First and foremost, I went to Paris, France with my Mom, who won a trip!! It was so amazing, we were there for a little over two weeks, and I don't think I ever stopped moving the entire time - so much to see and do, so many macarons to eat, so much amazing coffee to drink!! I took over 5000 pics, so I'll share a bunch once I finally pare them down to a decent amount.

We have also been undergoing major changes in our house - roommates moving out, new roommates moving in - I just yesterday moved into a new room myself! I painted the walls a lovely white, and I'm working on a mural on my ceiling:

Not the best photo, but I think you can get the idea - I'm doing a star chart of both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres on my ceiling. And if there are any Astrology nerds out there - yes, I will confess: I completely messed the arrangement of the constellations up. Once I realized I had been looking at my reference image wrong, I figured I'd just forget accuracy and just go for pretty, hahahaha! Also, what ceiling star chart would be complete without glow-in-the-dark stars? So, naturally, All the constellations are painted out with glow paint that looks pretty rad, if I do say so myself. Now I just have to get the strength up to do the other half... My arm is so sore, though!

Well now I have to get ready for work. Thanks for reading, and I hope I still have some followers after that long absence :) I'll have a real art update soon, I hope. I'm getting a new desk and setting up my easel as soon as I clean the mess that is my new room, so now there is no excuse to not be creative!!

Also, if anyone's looking for something awesome to spend some time reading, I've been browsing this blog, Far Out Flora, for the past two hours - We're trying to turn our backyard into a legit garden, and it's awesome to have great inspiration, especially from fellow San Franciscans!! Go check it out for some serious gardenspiration!

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