Friday, November 12, 2010

The Warmth of the Sun

I'm in Santa Cruz right now hanging out with my Mom, who I have not seen in forever (okay, since September). Having a blast! The weather is amazing and the beach is beautiful and we have been drinking all the Verve coffee we can. So good.

About to start painting - I think it'll be a whale, maybe a jellyfish... Lately I've been all about small canvases. The biggest one I brought with me is 8x10. It's nice when they're smaller because I don't feel the pressure to make something absolutely amazing, like I do with larger canvases. Smaller ones make me feel more relaxed, because if I don't like what I paint, I can always gesso over it and not waste too much gesso!

Since I have no amazing photos right now, I shall show all you fine kids this:

We like to dress Roman the dog in ridiculous outfits. This one was an aviator. Naturally I thought we needed a movie poster to go along with it, so I made one lickety-split around midnight. The fruits of my boredom!

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