Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Friday, Another Post

Let me just start out by saying this: holy moley, I want this lamp. It is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen, and I've wanted it forever. Maybe I will buy it as a birthday present to myself?

Anyway, that was random. No real art update today, since my friend came up from California on Wednesday and we've been spending my two days off running around Seattle in the insane heat and shopping. But really. Yesterday it was at least 90 degrees out, that is just insanely hot. I live in Seattle so that I won't have to deal with that amount of heat! Although there was a very very cool wind storm last night. I approved wholeheartedly. ...Wholeheartedly is a very strange word.

Hopefully there will be an art update soon, as I've been spending all of my breaks at work sketching new ideas for things in my sketchbook, and I might have some time to accomplish them this week - I'm pretty sure somehow that I got three days off. Even though there is a day of work in between them, it's still pretty awesome!

I hope all you readers out there are having a great day and the ones of you with regular people schedules will enjoy the weekend!


  1. I have seen that lamp and every time I see it, I drool. A lot. However, I also like this:

  2. Hey, I used your tut

    I had an idea for this and then I saw your tutorial and it gave me the kick start to just shake up my miskit and do it.