Saturday, March 21, 2009

Leigh Has an Etsy!

Everyone should check out my pal Leigh's etsy likerightnow. Not only is her banner insanely adorable, (and yes Leigh, I was watching you over your shoulder like the whole time you drew it) but she also has awesome pendants and necklaces that she makes and I love. I think this is my favorite:

But I am also a huge fan of the M&M! How cute is that!

In other news, I've sketched out about 8,000 new paintings and I'm planning on expanding my merchandise to a few things. Perhaps some tshirts or bags or some cool clay necklaces that I am dying to make lately. Does anyone have any opinions on what I should sell? I also might offer some original papercuts soon, too, since I'm doing a commissioned one right now. Woohoo!

It's Saturday! I want to go thrifting! But thrifting fails on the weekends! There are too many people! I did get some super neato frames and SHIPCURTAINS at Value Village the other day. But now I guess I will just be stuck in the house all day cleaning, boo.

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  1. Kat! Spend the night on Thursday for craft time! Or I will spend the night. Who knows? y/n?