Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm Lost at Home

Boy today has been an eventful day. Mom and I got coffee in the morning and sat around doing the crossword puzzle, even though we only got about half done before we decided to go to the Asian Art Museum to see some Indian paintings from the 1700s. They were pretty dang awesome, I was so amazed by the detail! They may just serve as future inspiration, who knows.

Speaking of inspiration, good gracious. This is what my desk looks like right now:
Yes, those are about seven pieces I need to get started painting. I'm planning on doing that right after I post this. I need to get cracking!

Here's some sneak previews / close-ups of the up-and-coming works:

And hey, want to see something cool? I bought these Pebeo ceramic paint pens that everyone was talking about on craftster thinking I must give them a try. So today I made my first piece! It is going to my uncle for Valentine's Day. He is a big fan of Mick.

I think that's about it, this post is enormo and I should get to painting. Oh wait, here, have a Monty (my Aztec/Maya/Whatever King):


  1. ahoy,
    very nicely done!!.. and what do you do with these paintings?.. are they cards, or to be hung on walls?..